Get the Brite™ Advantage for Members & Residents

The Brite™ Wellness Program is perfect for retirement communities, senior living communities, and community centers, to mention a few. We provide a program of activities to facilitate brain health; these services are perfect for individuals with mild cognitive impairment or mild/early dementia. The Brite™ Wellness Program was developed by experts in the fields of aging, dementia, and rehabilitation. The activities included in the program have all been shown to help with cognition in older adults, and if these activities had been practiced through the lifespan, the brains of those individuals would be healthier. The scientific basis of the program increases the face validity of what we do to your clients and their caregivers.

We engage with your community three days each week, for three hours each day. This relieves your staff to work in other areas. Because the program is broadcast into your facility, it is pandemic proof – even if residents must stay in their rooms, we can still get the Brite™ Wellness Program to them. By providing the Brite™ Program, your facility may enjoy an increase in foot traffic that could result in new or future clients. The Brite™ Wellness Program is a value-added investment for your clients/residents and your company, as well.

The Brite™ Wellness Program is nearly an out-of-the-box system. You need to provide only the staff to serve as Member Experience Specialists and the audio-visual equipment to present the program; we do the rest. We will train your staff on their responsibilities as MES’; we set up a unique identifier and login on our website that takes you directly to the Internet interface; and, we provide each of the Brite™ Wellness participants with a unique identifier allowing them to access Smartbrain , our Internet- based cognitive stimulation program. We will organize all of the data gathered by your MES and by Smartbrain, which can be used to supplement or augment your various reporting responsibilities.

To begin discussing how to bring the Brite™ Wellness Program to your facility, please call us at 412-404-2405, or email Paul McComb Executive Director at