For a Brighter Life

Brite™ Wellness Program was created to takes advantage of activities that have been shown to be positive influences on brain health across the lifespan. These include physical activity, artistic and creative thinking, musical activity, and cognitive stimulation. These activities are uniquely combined into a single program of brain health and wellness. It is the combination of the activities in a programmatic approach that defines Brite™. Brite™ differs from other wellness programs in that we support activities based on their beneficial effects on the brain. Brite™ is a program – members do not come for a single class, they come for the entire 3-4 hour session, three days each week. We also emphasize the social component of the activities, and there is a 10-minute break between classes that allows the members to enjoy conversations. By having a program of activities, we encourage members to expand their areas of interest and involvement, which itself is challenging the brain in new and important ways.

Brite™ Offers 3 Levels of Membership

Essential Membership
The Essential membership provides access to all Brite™ classes live and on demand. This membership guarantees access virtually or in person (where applicable) and access to one of our Member Experience Specialists (MES).  The Essential includes all assessments and access to our caregiver support group.  A membership at this level includes setup on Smartbrain Pro. In addition to everything mentioned, the Essential Membership allows access to guest speakers, which can include nutritionists, healthcare professionals, and special guests.
On Demand Membership
Brite™ is a click away. Anytime. Anywhere. If you’re not quite ready for Brite™ Wellness yet, but you want to participate in our fun and exciting classes?  Our On Demand Membership provides access to all our classes at your convenience.  Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Creative Expression, and Music Therapy, all with the click of a mouse.
Smartbrain Pro® Membership
Smartbrain Pro, is an interactive computer program to be used as a therapeutic tool for cognitive stimulation.  Smartbrain Pro features thousands of interactive exercises with different levels of difficulty, which allow the stimulation and empowerment of mental skills.