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Powerful Influences on Brain Health & Overall Wellness

Music Activities

This class uses music and all its facets; active music-making classes flow gradually from listening to music, to playing musical games, to learning rhythms, to creating one’s own rhythms.

Creative Expression

During this class, members use the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


The movement/fitness classes vary from day to day and with each instructor. Includes Coordination & Balance, Dance (and be Fit),Tai Chi and Chair Yoga classes

Cognitive Stimulation

Provided to each member with SmartBrain Pro a computer-based cognitive stimulation program that tracks results and progress.

Clients About Us

It’s a place where I have a lot of  friends who have the same thing. We’re surviving it better together since we’re all in the same boat.

Brite™ Member - Bruce

It’s been a lifesaver!

Brite™ Member - Christine

Brite™ works on mind and body.

Brite™ Member - Dan


Best & Brightest
Tara Rae
Tara Rae
Music Therapist
Christina Iezzi
Christina Iezzi
Creative Expression
Veronica DeAlmeida
Veronica DeAlmeida
Creative Expression
Jordan Krag
Jordan Krag

Brain Health & Physical Wellness

Brite™ includes 7 Classes Live & On-Demand