Coordination & Balance

Brite™ Movement: The fitness/movement classes vary from day to day and with each instructor. Each class generally involves a series of warm-up, weight training, body movements, stretching and cool-down.

There is a wealth of data showing that people who exercise regularly, and who exercise with intensity have healthier brains over their lifespan. Research conducted as part of the cardiovascular health study by Professors Lewis Kuller and Oscar Lopez have shown that the brain of individuals, as measured by magnetic resonance imaging, is larger and appears healthier than the brains of individuals who did not engage in such activity. These studies support earlier work with generally healthy adults by Professor Art Kramer when he was at the University Illinois Urbana Champaign. By performing these activities in groups as part of the Brite™ Wellness Program, our members benefit from both the physical exercise as well as the social interactions that occur during the sessions.