Music Activities

Brite™ Music: Music classes are essential to the Brite™ Wellness Program. Music is critical to cognition, and the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras was able to describe the basis of almost all musical scales, including pentatonic, Western, chromatic and the Arabic scales. He showed that musical notes are not random, but that they are formed in a simple, systematic, and mathematical manner. Students who study music in school perform better in all studies, but especially math. Recent research by Professor Veronica Diaz Abrahan from Buenos Aires found that focal musical activities can be useful in older adults to help promote an improved memory.

Our classes use music and all its facets; active music-making classes, listening to music, playing musical games, to learning rhythms, to creating one’s own rhythms. Each step is designed get members used to feeling the beat of the music, listening, and responding to music, remembering rhythms, and working creatively in a group. Discussion-based classes rely on singing or listening to music to spur reminiscence or symbolic association which members may share with the group.